Communication - Quotes & Sayings

No matter where I am in the world, I will always be back home for Christmas.

Malaika Arora Khan

When I was 14, 15, 16, I was wearing 'Edward Scissorhands' and 'Nightmare before Christmas' stuff. I saw 'Sleepy Hollow' a dozen times.

Kate Leth

There's a little Christmas in all of us, I guess. Even in me.

Leon Redbone

I get a little behind during Lent, but it comes out even at Christmas.

Frank Butler

Wise men speak because they have something to say; Fools because they have to say something.


The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.

George Bernard Shaw

Words are singularly the most powerful force available to humanity. We can choose to use this force constructively with words of encouragement, or destructively using words of despair. Words have energy and power with the ability to help, to heal, to hinder, to hurt, to harm, to humiliate and to humble.

Yehuda Berg

Communication leads to community, that is, to understanding, intimacy and mutual valuing.

Rollo May

Words - so innocent and powerless as they are, as standing in a dictionary, how potent for good and evil they become in the hands of one who knows how to combine them.

Nathaniel Hawthorne

First learn the meaning of what you say, and then speak.


do not agree with what you have to say, but I'll defend to the death your right to say it.

Evelyn Beatrice Hall

Writing, to me, is simply thinking through my fingers.

Isaac Asimov

The best way to solve problems and to fight against war is through dialogue.

Malala Yousafzai

Honest communication is built on truth and integrity and upon respect of the one for the other.

Benjamin E. Mays

To effectively communicate, we must realize that we are all different in the way we perceive the world and use this understanding as a guide to our communication with others.

Tony Robbins

Don't tell me the moon is shining; show me the glint of light on broken glass.

Anton Chekhov

I think for any relationship to be successful, there needs to be loving communication, appreciation, and understanding.

Miranda Kerr

Trust is the most important part of a relationship, closely followed by communication. I think that if you have those two things, everything else falls into place - your affection, your emotional connection.

Vanessa Lachey

A man's character may be learned from the adjectives which he habitually uses in conversation.

Mark Twain

In my deepest, darkest moments, what really got me through was a prayer. Sometimes my prayer was 'Help me.' Sometimes a prayer was 'Thank you.' What I've discovered is that intimate connection and communication with my creator will always get me through because I know my support, my help, is just a prayer away.

Iyanla Vanzant

Music is the greatest communication in the world. Even if people don't understand the language that you're singing in, they still know good music when they hear it.

Lou Rawls

It's about communication. It's about honesty. It's about treating people in the organization as deserving to know the facts. You don't try to give them half the story. You don't try to hide the story. You treat them as - as true equals, and you communicate and you communicate and communicate.

Louis V. Gerstner, Jr.

Words empty as the wind are best left unsaid.


Take advantage of every opportunity to practice your communication skills so that when important occasions arise, you will have the gift, the style, the sharpness, the clarity, and the emotions to affect other people.

Jim Rohn

Half the world is composed of people who have something to say and can't, and the other half who have nothing to say and keep on saying it.

Robert Frost

Eloquence is a painting of the thoughts.

Blaise Pascal

I think it's very important to have a feedback loop, where you're constantly thinking about what you've done and how you could be doing it better. I think that's the single best piece of advice: constantly think about how you could be doing things better and questioning yourself.

Elon Musk

You carry Mother Earth within you. She is not outside of you. Mother Earth is not just your environment. In that insight of inter-being, it is possible to have real communication with the Earth, which is the highest form of prayer.

Thich Nhat Hanh

Communication will bring understanding and understanding will cause harmonious mutual relationships which can establish peace and stability.

Lobsang Tenzin

Feelings of worth can flourish only in an atmosphere where individual differences are appreciated, mistakes are tolerated, communication is open, and rules are flexible - the kind of atmosphere that is found in a nurturing family.

Virginia Satir

If you can't convince them, confuse them.

Harry S Truman

The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak.

Hans Hofmann

Genius is the ability to put into effect what is on your mind.

F. Scott Fitzgerald

The pen is the tongue of the mind.


Language exerts hidden power, like the moon on the tides.

Rita Mae Brown

Talk low, talk slow and don't say too much.

John Wayne

Whatever words we utter should be chosen with care for people will hear them and be influenced by them for good or ill.


I think it's fair to say that personal computers have become the most empowering tool we've ever created. They're tools of communication, they're tools of creativity, and they can be shaped by their user.

Bill Gates

To hold a pen is to be at war.


We live in a world of communication - everyone gets information about everyone else. There is universal comparison and you don't just compare yourself with the people next door, you compare yourself to people all over the world and with what is being presented as the decent, proper and dignified life. It's the crime of humiliation.

Zygmunt Bauman

Communication and communication strategy is not just part of the game - it is the game.

Oscar Munoz

We've seen over time that countries that have the best economic growth are those that have good governance, and good governance comes from freedom of communication. It comes from ending corruption. It comes from a populace that can go online and say, 'This politician is corrupt, this administrator, or this public official is corrupt.'

Ramez Naam

The ABC's are attitude, behavior and communication skills.

Gerald Chertavian

It usually takes me more than three weeks to prepare a good impromptu speech.

Mark Twain

Metaphors have a way of holding the most truth in the least space.

Orson Scott Card

As a leader, you must consistently drive effective communication. Meetings must be deliberate and intentional - your organizational rhythm should value purpose over habit and effectiveness over efficiency.

Chris Fussell

Everything becomes a little different as soon as it is spoken out loud.

Hermann Hesse

Jazz is smooth and cool. Jazz is rage. Jazz flows like water. Jazz never seems to begin or end. Jazz isn't methodical, but jazz isn't messy either. Jazz is a conversation, a give and take. Jazz is the connection and communication between musicians. Jazz is abandon.

Nat Wolff

Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind.

Rudyard Kipling

Number one, cash is king... number two, communicate... number three, buy or bury the competition.

Jack Welch